Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Into the West

Funny how things work out. I have been dreading living on my own again after five years of total dependence on my parents (God bless them!). But I guess it has already become second nature to me that, every time I touch ground on Manila all the instincts of survival kick in. Today is my first day of review (unofficially because it is "my" time, not the structured-to-boredom lectures from the review centers), and it has turned out quite well.

For some reason, everything is falling into place. I needed a study table, a fan and a lamp -- and everything was provided me. I thought I would grow bored reading pages after pages of legalese, and behold!, there's a relatively strong wi-fi signal inside my room. I am thankful for that. At least, I can surf the net and visit Facebook once in a while without staying in an expensive coffee house nearby (well, actually two rides away). I have also been thinking how I will be spending the nights to follow, and two invitations came: a birthday celebration of my best friend on wednesday (sorry, no april fool's joke) and two tickets for Spelling Bee the musical on Saturday night. Talk about blessings.

And the nights, oh what a terrible idea of spending them all alone without caffeine to calm me. But as luck would have it, sure enough, before my father left for Bicol tonight he bought me an electric kettle and with it, of course, are sachets of 3-in-1 coffee that will help me while the time away. I am hoping that this streak of good luck and blessings will continue until the fourth Sunday of that great arbiter -- the Bar Exams.

And while I am not uber-religious (though I am quite spiritual), I find this series of fortunate events being the handiwork of Bro, of Kuya Jess. And I am quite thankful for that. Oh well, back to Civil Procedure. The kettle is starting to boil.